“Size matters” and “bigger is always better” are NOT interchangeable mantras when it comes to choosing your breast implant size. You want your breast implants to enhance your figure AND your lifestyle.

When choosing you breast implant size, carefully consider each of the following factors:

These Implants Will Be With You A Long Time:

Make sure the size you choose at 20 or 30 will still make you feel comfortable and confident at 50 or 60. You’re going for a long-term look with lifetime satisfaction.

How Do You Want To Be Seen?:

Everyone wants to be an object of desire. You need a size that fits into your professional and personal life. You want your implants to boost your confidence without a loss of integrity or hindrance to your work.

Are You An Athletic Person?:

These implants are coming to the gym with you. Pick a size that boosts your motivation for a healthy, happy body. Steer away from a breast implant size that will turn into a workout burden or nuisance.

Keep Your Body’s Features In Harmony:

All plastic surgery should work towards finding your optimal beauty and balancing your overall aesthetic. The risk of complications increases as you deviate from what’s natural for your figure. Find a shape and size that compliment the rest of your body rather than distract from it.

Discuss these factors with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Nicholas Nikolov. It’s only by talking through these points honestly and openly together that you can bring out the most-beautiful version of you!

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