Introduction to IPL Photofacial

We all have little imperfections that make us self-conscious. Whether we’ve had a little too much fun in the sun throughout our lives or just feel uncomfortable with our freckles, practically everyone has something that we wish would just disappear. Well, you are in luck, as there is a “magical tool” that can help erase away most blemishes that cause these insecurities. The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery offers a non-surgical treatment for skin rejuvenation using IPL.

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What is Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca is a powerful intense pulse light (IPL) laser that targets pigmentation and vascular lesions. After use, patients notice improvements in the clarity and complexion of their skin. The treatment operates using photo thermolysis, which provides a photo facial through the delivery of comfortable light treatment.

What are the Benefits of IPL?

The IPL Photofacial with Lumecca has many wonderful benefits. Not only is it a quick, non-invasive treatment with zero-to-little side effects, but IPL can also be used on practically all areas of the body. Some of the more common treatment zones are areas that are regularly exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, legs, hands, and arms.

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What’s the First Step?

If you feel like you could benefit from an IPL treatment in Beverly Hills, the first step is to contact our office and schedule a consultation. You will be able to address your desires from the treatment, ask any questions, and receive an evaluation of your skin. You will also be asked about your medical history which does require honesty and full disclosure so you can have optimal results. If you agree with the treatment plan designed for you, you can either begin your first session right then or schedule a better time with our Patient Coordinator.

What to Expect on the Day of IPL

When you come in for an IPL PhotoFacial, it is a very simple and quick treatment. Photos may first be taken for comparison as you progress. We’ll begin by offering you a cold compress or a numbing cream to make your experience a little more comfortable. You will also be provided with eye protection to shield your eyes from the light. Once you are numbed, the technician takes the handheld device and begins to treat the targeted areas. There will be a bright flash with each pulse and it may feel like a rubber band snaps.

The entire treatment can take between 15 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the targeted area.

Who are the Best Candidates for IPL?

You could be a good candidate for IPL if you are looking to treat the following conditions:

  • Age spots
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Brown/red blemishes
  • Freckles
  • Mole-like discolorations
  • Rosacea
  • Sunspots
  • Vascular lesions (spider veins, port wine stains, leg telangiectasias)

Anyone trying to get this treatment should be overall healthy and be realistic with their goals from the outcome of the procedure.

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IPL Recovery

After your treatment, your skin will look red and you may feel a mild warmness, but this is completely normal and should subside over the next few hours. During the first 24 – 48 hours, any pigmented spots may appear darker, but they will eventually flake off over the next few weeks giving you a more evened skin tone.

The number of sessions required will vary depending on what your skin requires, but you will be able to witness results a few days after your first session.

How Much Does IPL treatment Cost in Beverly Hills?

The cost of an IPL PhotoFacial using Lumecca in Beverly Hills will vary from patient to patient. Some of the deciding factors are how many treatment sessions you will require and the surface area of the targeted spot. When you get your evaluation during your initial appointment, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with the price breakdown for your entire treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Nikolov?

Conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery is staffed with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team. Our one goal is to provide all of our patients with quality results, comfort, and satisfaction. We are highly recognized as one of the top clinics in Beverly Hills and are led by the incomparable Dr. Nicholas Nikolov. With over 20 years of experience and considered to be one of the top minds in his field, Dr. Nikolov has been frequently called upon to share his knowledge with many visiting doctors. We provide thoughtful, detailed discussions for each of our patient’s aesthetic goals and informed guidance to help you gain confidence in your appearance.

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IPL can be a wonderful way to treat very commonly, yet unwanted skin imperfections. If you are interested in the treatment and are wondering if it’s right for you, please schedule a consultation with one of our technicians today! You can reach us at (310) 247-1932 or can request an appointment through our website and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

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