“Can I go back to my workout routine after a breast augmentation surgery?” This is probably one of the questions we get asked most often.

The short answer is yes, you can get back to your usual routine after a breast augmentation surgery. But before you get too excited though, know that this answer comes with some very important considerations and limitations.

So how exactly should you go about it? Read on and learn the dos and don’ts of working out after breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Period

Breast augmentation surgery still tops the list of one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries around the world. It is a generally safe and effective procedure when done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Being able to go back to normal routines and activities is an important consideration and measure during the recovery stage.

The recovery timeline after having breast implants will vary with each patient. On average, it will take 2 to 3 weeks of downtime before you can return to your normal activities. However, this can change depending on several factors such as:

  • overall health condition
  • implant placement (implants placed under the pectoral muscle typically helps secure the added weight, while implants placed in front of the muscle requires extra care to avoid stretching the skin around the breasts)
  • implants size and type
  • additional procedures performed, if any
  • skin condition
  • adherence to post-op guidelines

Breast surgery requires you to follow specific post-op instructions to ensure a successful recovery without complications. As such, doing strenuous exercises too soon can have negative and dangerous impacts. However, not doing any activity at all is also bad for your health.

Work Out Timeline After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Those who are used to their daily, active routine and regular gym workouts may find it a challenge to adjust post-operation. However, it is of utmost importance not to push yourself too hard too soon as this can impede your recovery. It is important to completely devote the first few days to have complete rest. But this doesn’t mean that you have to confine yourself to bed.

Movement is still just as important to ensure healthy circulation and avoid blood clots. When going back to your exercise regimen, the key is to be patient and listen to your body.

Listed below is an average timeline that you can follow with the approval of your surgeon:

  • First 7 Days:

    Moderate and careful movements while doing your most basic needs around the house are enough physical activity to keep good circulation.

  • Weeks 1 to 2:

    Once you feel comfortable before or after the second-week post-op, you can start easing into light cardio activities enough to warm up your muscles. Walking and gentle stretches are good places to start. Try to avoid too much heat exposure and keep your heart rate at a good, steady pace while at it.

  • Weeks 3 to 4:

    In the third to fourth week, you may start easing into more workouts and cardio exercises that focus on the lower body. Concentrate on low impact movements and still avoid using the arms, chest, core, or any upper body motions. Remember to keep your pace in check and your heart rate to an acceptable minimum.

  • Weeks 4 to 6:

    Depending on your recovery progress and with the go signal from your surgeon, you may start adding core exercises and increase your pace by weeks 4 to 6. Any excessive movement to the upper body should still be avoided such as jumping or running.

  • Week 6 and Beyond:

    On average, you should be on the road to full fitness by the 6th week. Everyone heals at a different pace though, so you should have your surgeon’s expert advice before going ahead with your usual fitness routine, while slowly reintroducing upper body workouts and chest exercises.

Why Should You Avoid Exercising Too Soon After Breast Augmentation?

Straining yourself too much after a breast augment surgery could lead to disastrous effects. Exercising too soon can worsen swelling and bruising. Additionally, your still delicate implants can shift and be displaced with rigorous movements. Worse complications can arise such as ruptures or incisions opening up.

The bad effects of strain can possibly lead to poor results. You’ll experience prolonged recovery that may last for months. Worse, you’ll need to undergo another surgery to fix the problem.

Aside from the workout guide outlined above, ensure to avoid doing the following activities as well until you are completely healed:

  • High-intensity workouts and activities that include jogging, running, jumping, climbing, push or pull-ups
  • Lifting weights (no more than 10 pounds)
  • Strenuous yoga or pilates poses that involve the core and upper body
  • Any sports or competitive physical games
  • The Best Post-Op Workout Advice: Listen To Your Doctor
  • Considering everything that has been discussed, it’s best to listen to the advice of your doctor. Before you go back to your workout routine, ask first how it will affect your breast augmentation surgery.

Every patient heals differently, so consider your body’s healing capacity. A bit of patience can make the recovery period faster compared to when you rush things.

More importantly, the success of your boob job highly depends on choosing the best breast surgeon. When searching for the best breast surgeon in Los Angeles or breast augmentation clinic near you, look no further than The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery.

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