The decision to have a nose job is a life-changing one that must be made carefully, but in the end, it will always be a personal choice.

Despite its considerable popularity worldwide, one can’t help but ask: is a nose job worth it? Read on to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should have surgery for your nose.

What Is A Nose Job?

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is an operation to alter the shape of the nose. There are two distinct types of nose surgery: functional and aesthetic (cosmetic). Functionality refers to achieving improved breathing by surgically altering the nose, whereas aesthetics concerns changes in its appearance with no significant medical benefits or gains.

The majority of people choose to get nose surgery for aesthetic reasons being they don’t like the way their nose looks and want it fixed. Reasons for wanting surgery can include: the nose is too big or too small, is not in proportion with the rest of the face, is crooked, has a bump on the bridge, is asymmetrical, is too wide, or the tip is drooping.

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Rhinoplasty consistently ranks in topmost surgical procedure done worldwide, both for women and men. In 2020 alone, an estimated 850,000 people have gone under the knife to reshape their noses for the better.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Nose Job Surgery?

Anyone is a good candidate for nose job surgery as long as they are in overall good health. Depending on which nation you are from, however, you must be at least 16 years old to have such surgery because facial bones will have stopped growing by this age. Some patients may not qualify if they suffer from certain medical conditions such as uncontrolled high blood pressure or allergies which interfere with healing.

Ultimately, the best candidates are those with realistic expectations of what can be achieved with the operation, and will work closely with their surgeon to achieve this goal. The first step in determining whether you’re a candidate for a rhinoplasty is scheduling an appointment with a plastic surgeon who can help you determine your options after a thorough examination, medical review, and planning.

What Are The Risks And Benefits Of Getting A Nose Job Surgery?

Before you go ahead and book in for surgery, it’s important to be aware that there are risks associated with any type of surgery – even a nose job. These can include: bleeding, infection, swelling, scarring, numbness, and pain.

There is always a risk of complications, but they are rare and usually minor. Your plastic surgeon will go over these risks with you before the surgery is performed.

How Much Does A Nose Job Cost On Average In The United States?

The cost of a nose job surgery will typically depend on many factors such as the scale of the operation, the plastic surgeon you choose, the location of the clinic, and other associated costs such as anesthesia and follow-up appointments.

On average, it is estimated that a nose job cost in the United States will set you back upwards of $6000. Be wary of clinics that offer questionably low prices though as you will likely get what you pay for.

How Can You Finance A Nose Job If You Don’t Have Enough Money Saved Up?

If you don’t have enough money set aside for surgery, there are a few ways to pay for it, such as:

  • Personal loan: Generally unsecured and do not require any security or collateral. They may be taken out in full before the operation is done, so you won’t have to worry about accumulating debt afterward – but you will need a good credit score to get accepted.
  • Medical loan: This is used to pay for medical treatments, such as surgery, and can be used to finance all or part of the overall cost. They have lower interest rates than personal loans but come with longer repayment periods.
  • Credit card: This is a popular choice for most individuals, but it’s crucial to understand that you’ll have to repay the entire amount at once, so make sure you can afford it first.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you’ll need to pay this money back at some point, so keep the cost of interest in mind when calculating how much the surgery will really cost you in the end.

Ready For A Nose Job? Choose A Reputable Plastic Surgeon

If you are thinking of getting a nose job, only trust a credible, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon you can trust this major life decision with.

Dr. Nicholas R. Nikolov of The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery is a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon with decades worth of experience. The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, and features state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff.

Learn more about rhinoplasty and book an appointment online with Dr. Nikolov.

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