The neck is usually just taken for granted but it is actually one of the most delicate parts because of its thinner skin compared to the rest of the body. Because of this, neck skin can display indications of aging faster and earlier than other areas.

These adverse changes in the quality of the neck skin, like loose skin or jowls, are often tough to reverse without surgical treatment involving a neck lift and all of its drawbacks.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your neck but are not ready to go under the knife just yet, a ‘mini’ neck lift may just be your go-to solution. It is said to be less invasive, with a quicker recovery and fewer risks, yet it gives comparable results to a traditional neck lift!

Curious about this ‘mini’ procedure that can solve big problems such as tightening loose neck skin and improving the overall appearance of your neck? Read on to find out all you need to know about a mini neck lift procedure.

What Is A Mini Neck Lift?

A mini neck lift is a surgical procedure that can improve the definition and appearance of the neck by tightening muscles and tissues. As such, it can help tighten loose skin and remove excess fat in the neck region. It will also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your neck, making it look more youthful. The mini neck lift is often performed as an alternative to a full, traditional neck lift because it does not involve incisions that extend into the hairline, and requires less surgery and recovery time.

How Is It Different From A Traditional Neck Lift?

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A mini neck lift, quite simply, is less invasive than a traditional neck lift. It does not involve the same surgical techniques or extended incisions. As such, it has a quicker recovery time and carries fewer risks. However, the mini neck lift can still achieve comparable results to a traditional neck lift.

A traditional neck lift involves making an incision from the front to the rear behind the ear lobe, which removes excess, loose skin and then repositions the skin and muscle over the bone. This procedure typically requires a hospital stay of at least 2 nights, but it might be prolonged if issues or complications occur. A traditional neck lift takes approximately a month to recover from.

A mini neck lift, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that requires no incision behind the ear lobe and removes just a little to no skin. This shortens recovery time to as few as 2 weeks (in most cases). The results of this procedure are less dramatic, but it has fewer risks and complications than traditional neck lift surgery.

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Surgery?

The best candidates for a mini neck lift surgery are those with relatively little excess fat and skin, as well as minimal sagging of the facial tissues (cheek, jowls, and the like). If the patient also has loose muscles in the neck that gives them an older appearance, a tiny neck lift may be an excellent option. This procedure is also ideal for people who have excess skin and fat in the neck region, but do not have significant wrinkles or sagging skin on their face.

Mini Neck Lift Procedure: What’s It Like?

A mini neck lift surgery takes place under general anesthesia and could last between one to three hours, depending on the extent of your procedure. During a mini neck lift surgery, a small incision will be made behind each ear lobe in order to access the neck area. The incision will be closed with sutures after surgery, but the scars are not visible because they are hidden behind your ears. You can expect to have some swelling and bruising for a few weeks after mini neck lift surgery, which will eventually subside as you heal from your procedure.

You should know that a mini neck lift is not a substitute for weight loss or neck exercises. If you are overweight or have a lot of neck fat, you may need to lose weight before undergoing a mini neck lift surgery.

Can I Return To Work After A Surgery?

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You will likely be able to return to work within one week after mini neck lift surgery. However, strenuous activities should be avoided for at least two to three weeks in order to allow the neck area some time to heal properly and fully.

Procedure Result: How Long Does It Last?

The result of a mini neck lift can last up to ten years, but it is important to remember that this procedure will not stop the aging process from continuing. Though a mini neck lift surgery can definitely help improve the overall appearance of your neck, you may still develop fine lines and wrinkles on your neck over time.

Benefits Of A Mini Neck Lift Surgery

A mini neck lift has several advantages, including:

  • Less invasive than traditional neck lifts
  • Quicker recovery time and fewer risks
  • Leaves behind more discreet scars that can be hidden behind your ears
  • Submental fat, also known as double chins, can be removed
  • Removes jowls
  • Removes excess fat in the lower portion of the face
  • Muscle banding, or neck tightness, can be improved
  • Treatment time is shorter than a traditional neck lift
  • Can achieve comparable results to the traditional neck lift procedure
  • Risks Of A Mini Neck Lift Surgery

A mini neck lift is considered a safe procedure, however, it still carries similar risks as any other surgery. This may include:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • scarring
  • blood clotting
  • hematoma
  • numbness
  • swelling
  • may need additional surgery to achieve desired results
  • serious but rare complications such as breathing complications, stroke, and nerve damage that may affect speaking and swallowing

Before And After The Surgery

what to expect after a mini neck lift

Before Surgery:

In the weeks before a mini neck lift surgery, it is important to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. You must also avoid taking aspirin or other blood thinners. In addition, drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet will help to keep your muscles properly hydrated.

On the days prior set arrangements for a ride home after surgery and for someone to stay with you for a few days. Make sure everyone knows exactly what time you are going into surgery so they can follow up with you after the procedure is finished.

On the day of your surgery, you’ll need to come prepared with loose-fitting clothing that may be removed easily such as a button-down shirt and pants. This is not the time to apply any makeup, so never mind doing so.

Make sure you tell your doctor about any allergies before your procedure so he or she can take precautions if needed to avoid severe allergic reactions.

What To Expect After A Mini Neck Lift Surgery

You will have some numbness in your neck and face after surgery, which usually goes away in a couple of weeks. Your throat might feel sore when you swallow during the first few days, but this should go away in one to two weeks. If parts of your jaw are also tightened with the surgery, it may take a few weeks before you can chew comfortably again.

You might notice some darkening or swelling around your ears and under your chin when you wake up, but this will also go away. You may also have some bruising on your face after the surgery. Don’t worry, it should go away within a week or two. Your stitches are likely to dissolve on their own with no special care needed.

Recovery time may take one or two weeks in most cases. Although you will be in some pain for a few days after surgery, your doctor may prescribe pain medication that you can use for several days. You should feel free to get up and move around if you are feeling well enough even the day after the surgery. It is important to avoid any heavy lifting for at least six weeks. Avoid driving when you are still taking narcotic pain medications as it can be dangerous because they make you drowsy.

If you are having your neck lifted through an incision behind your ears, here is what to expect post-surgery:

  • Swelling and discoloration of the around the ear for several weeks.
  • A bump on the back of the ear can last for a long time.
  • Numbness near your jawline that will gradually dissipate over time.
  • Tenderness at the site of surgery can last from several weeks to a couple of months.
  • A significant limitation in neck movement for a few weeks post-surgery.

Remember to take precautions to avoid infections by washing your hands often and avoiding crowds of people for the first few days after you are discharged from the hospital.

Considering A Mini Neck Lift? Consult With Dr. Nikolov

If you’re thinking about getting a mini neck lift, make sure to consult with a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon about the procedure in detail so you know exactly what you’ll get. Dr. Nicholas R. Nikolov of The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery is a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon with decades worth of experience. Dr. Nikolov can help you achieve the most natural-looking results that you desire.

The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, and features state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff.

Learn more about mini neck lifts and book an appointment online with Dr. Nikolov.

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