Rhinoplasty is a life-changing tweak that can boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. That said, getting a nose job is a big step to take. So before you undergo the procedure, you should know how changing your appearance can impact your mental health.

In this blog, Dr. Nicholas Nikolov from The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery shares how a nose job can boost your self-esteem and decrease your anxiety.

Anxiety Rates Go Down

Many patients who get a nose job experience an immediate confidence boost, and most are happy with their results. Studies show that the satisfaction rate for the procedure is 87%.

Even better, research shows that patients who undergo the procedure may experience a decrease in anxiety. So if you battle with mild anxiety or if you have insecurities that prevent you from excelling in your professional and personal life, a cosmetic procedure may help you.

High Self-Esteem Levels Linked With Career Success

We all want to become more confident. But did you know that a cosmetic procedure may help you advance in your career?

A successful cosmetic procedure can boost your self-esteem levels, making it easier for you to navigate the hardships and challenges you face each day.

In the workplace, confrontations are inevitable, as is having to be in the spotlight when showcasing your accomplishments. But when your self-esteem levels are low, it’s tougher to deal with these obstacles.

Experts say confidence is the most important factor that drives raises and promotions. If you have insecurities with how you look, undergoing plastic surgery is always an option. A procedure like a nose job can make you happy and regain self-confidence.

Beware Of Post-Surgery Blues

Will a nose job make you happy? The answer is most likely yes, especially when your nose job experience will be at The Nikolov Center For Plastic Surgery. However, the opposite might also happen if you get plastic surgery from an inexperienced doctor.

After the cosmetic surgery, you’ll feel a mixture of excitement, relief, and nervousness. During the recovery period, you still won’t see the actual results of the operation, and this builds up the anticipation. It may take several weeks before the results show, making you more anxious and hopeful that you’ll like the outcome of the procedure.

Severe depression after rhinoplasty might happen if you see the results are far from your expectations. It can be a traumatic experience to look in the mirror and get shocked upon seeing an unfamiliar reflection. The guilt that you might be experiencing for deciding to change your appearance is magnified by the unexpected results of the procedure.

Your nose and self-esteem are connected because the shape and size of the nose have a great impact on your facial features. A botched nose job can alter your looks in unlikeable ways that you’d wish you never had the procedure.

Botched procedures aren’t uncommon in plastic surgery since there are many doctors that claim to be specialists even if they’re not. To avoid this, go only for doctors like Dr. Nikolov who has practiced for years and is recognized worldwide for his expertise in rhinoplasty.

Receiving The Most Benefit From A Nose Job

While a nose job can boost self-esteem in many people, patients who suffer from severe depression, severe personality disorders, or psychosis may not experience improvements in their quality of life after undergoing a nose job. Therefore, it’s important to avoid thinking that a nose job can solve all of your problems.

On the flip side, studies show that mentally healthy individuals normally experience an overall increase in their quality of life after undergoing cosmetic procedures. As long as you don’t suffer from any severe mental health issues, a nose job can improve your confidence.

Have A Great Nose Job Experience With Us

Here at The Nikolov Center For Plastic Surgery, we’ll make sure that your nose and self esteem go hand in hand. Dr. Nicholas Nikolov knows the connection between the nose and self esteem, which is why he guarantees satisfaction in every procedure he does. He has practiced for years and excelled in the field of rhinoplasty and has conducted thousands of nose job operations with a high success rate.

If you want to see if a nose job can help you, book an appointment online or over the phone with The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery today.

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