For men and women, having experience along with a youthful appearance brings confidence to a work interview. Hair loss can be difficult for both men and women, but advances in restoration have made hair loss a treatable condition and hair transplants can now be performed without the pain, scars and long recovery times that used to be associated with the procedure.

The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery uses NeoGraft, the latest in hair restoration.

NeoGraft is a revolutionary patented hair transplant machine that is on the cutting edge of hair transplant procedures that are commonly performed today. The NeoGraft machine has made hair transplantation a less invasive and less detectable option for the estimated 100 million American men and women with thinning hair.

The NeoGraft process takes hair follicles from the back of a patient’s scalp using the Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, method. Then these follicles are carefully implanted into the area of the scalp desired to produce a permanent, natural hairline. This technique eliminates the need to remove a large strip of skin from the back of the scalp—a procedure known as a linear or strip-harvest—and therefore leaves no linear scar.

This new procedure provides incredible results in improving the hairline and eyebrow line in difficult reconstructive procedures or secondary face and neck lifts, but is also valuable in improving hair transplantation for men and women due to most common forms of alopecia (hair loss). In addition to no visible scarring and virtually no discomfort, it can be done in about half the time as the older methods so more grafts can performed in a single surgery resulting more hair transplants.

Another exiting breakthrough in treating hair loss in men and women has been discovered during preliminary clinical trials that Neurotoxins (Wrinkle Treatments) is believed to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth on an average of 18%, comparable to Propecia, which is another option for women who can’t use that treatment. The news is exciting and we will go into more detail on a future blog as this is a perfect combination to restore the maximum amount of hair loss possible.

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