While I don’t typically hand out product endorsements, I can’t help but speak to how the Fractionated CO2 Laser stands to revolutionize anti-aging treatments as the latest breakthrough in skin-firming technology.

The Fractionated CO2 Laser delivers heated energy in columns or spots that penetrate deeper than anything else on the current market. The enhanced technology produces benefits for both the patient and the surgeon that are nothing short of remarkable.

These highly concentrated beams not only an increase safety, but they also significantly reduce healing time. This means patients are seeing better results and they’re seeing them faster. The laser gives the surgeon the opportunity to vary settings on a more-specific, patient-by-patient basis. Its power of depth can be adjusted for all-around tightening or it can focus energy for targeting specific corrections throughout the skin. It also allows the surgeon greater variations of intensity of beam to better match the severity of the correction. Specified, flexible treatment options with faster recovery times mean happier surgeons and, most importantly, happier patients.

Not only does the Fractionated CO2 Laser provide great results, it’s also the best season to treat your skin! Summer is over and the decreased sun exposure means better protection for your face and an easier healing process. Added bonus: cold weather calls for added layers. Let fashion be the perfect camouflage for your healing skin! If you’re considering an anti-aging or skin treatment, now is definitely the time to treat yourself.

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