Cosmetic Surgery Is On The Rise

Do you know someone who has gotten cosmetic surgery? If not, chances are at least one of your friends, family members or acquaintances has. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular globally with millions of people getting it each year.

The number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures continues to climb despite the growing clamor for body positivity. An estimated 11.3 million people underwent cosmetic surgery in the year 2019, conveying a 20% increase from 2015. As people become more educated about the benefits of these enhancement procedures, they are starting to view them as a viable option for correcting any number of concerns related to their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that can be done to enhance or alter certain features of the body. Some people choose to change their appearance for medical reasons to correct physical defects, while others do it for personal preference of improving their existing features.

Cosmetic surgical procedures are often carried out under general anesthesia so the patient is asleep throughout the procedure, but can also be performed under local anesthesia where only the area being worked on is numbed.

Cosmetic surgeries are generally short procedures with an average surgeon working time of one to two hours for minor procedures, and around three to four hours for major ones.

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

As the numbers tell, surgical cosmetic procedures have increased by 40% in the last decade, with cosmetic treatments raking up billions in revenue. Aesthetic plastic surgery procedures can be done practically on any part of the body, from head to toe, however, these procedures top the list of the 5 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures availed worldwide:

Breast augmentation still remains at the top of the worldwide list, and this statistic even increased by a whopping 20% from the past 4 years alone. According to ISAPS, a little more than 50% who got a boob job were between 19-34 years old, and a huge majority accounting for 32% did it solely for cosmetic enhancement purposes.

In addition, cosmetic procedures for contouring the body are also among the top 10 most popular aesthetic plastic surgery procedures worldwide, such as Lipo, Tummy Tuck, and Butt Augmentation.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Cosmetic Surgery

As cosmetic surgery becomes increasingly popular, it is important to understand why people are having these procedures done. Let’s take a look at the top factors affecting this rising trend!

#1 Social Media And Selfie-Age Pressure

The rise of technology also paved the way to a social media age, unlike anything we have ever seen before. Nowadays, people spend countless hours a day exposed to the wonders of virtual social platforms, following the perfect lives of celebrities, models, and influencers, subconsciously wiring themselves into thinking that those are the standard of beauty, no matter how unrealistic.

We are now also known as the “selfie-generation,” with cameras on various mobile devices, and taking pictures and videos being a part of our daily lives. Nowadays, we are spending a lot more time looking at ourselves in pictures and videos, and chances are, this means having more time to scrutinize and obsess over our physical flaws. Various camera filters and beautification apps also tend to distort our self-perception, and we tend to be more conscious of our self-image once we start obsessively comparing the filtered photos to what we see in the mirror.

All these pressures driven by social media and considerable screen time are great deciding factors in opting for cosmetic enhancements to correct physical flaws and enhance certain features to achieve their self-imposed beauty standards.

#2 Taboo No More

The advancement of the internet age also paved the way to wider acceptance and increased openness to aesthetic plastic surgery, compared to how badly taboo it was perceived mere decades ago.

People are now more candid about their beauty rituals and trips to the spa, and some celebrities are even documenting and sharing with the world the enhancement procedures they have undergone. Nowadays, there are countless before and after results shared by real patients that can easily be found on the internet, as well as various online communities where people share their experiences. Open information about cosmetic surgery, be it real-life experiences or scientific studies, can easily be obtained practically at the touch of our fingertips.

#3 More Advanced And Better Than Ever

The image of cosmetic plastic surgery used to be so tarnished largely due to the badly portrayed “botched” and unnatural results. Those traditional and old-age practices are long gone though. Thanks to huge technological advancements, plastic surgery processes and techniques nowadays are unlike anything that we’ve seen years ago.

Cosmetic plastic surgery has undoubtedly become so much better in terms of safety, recovery, and producing very natural-looking results. Board certification for plastic surgeons has become so much stringent, as well as improved health and safety medical standards across the globe.

#4 Quick And Accessible Solution To Improve Appearance

More people are choosing Cosmetic Surgery because it is a simple and effective way to improve their appearance. Cosmetic procedures can be done in a single session with results that could last for years. It works on most parts of the face, neck, hands, chest, or abdomen without leaving behind apparent scars as traditional surgeries do. Cosmetic surgery is also more accessible and affordable than ever before, with clinics and doctors giving patients a variety of options when they cannot afford other forms of treatment, financially or time-wise.

Cosmetic surgeries in essence improve one’s appearance by changing certain features of the face or body that they don’t particularly like. This may include increasing or reducing the size of breasts, lifting sagging skin, removing fat deposits to become thinner, reshaping the nose and eyes, and so many others.

By improving the appearance, cosmetic surgery may also make a person more attractive to the opposite sex, while some may be perceived as being healthier and more glowing than ever. Simply put, you can look like a younger and better version of yourself with the help of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

#5 Confidently Blissful Life

Cosmetic surgery helps patients feel better about themselves by changing something on their face or body that makes them unhappy. Cosmetic procedures also improve physical health and psychological well-being. Many people who get cosmetic plastic surgery say it boosts self-esteem, helps them present a professional image at work, enhances relationships with friends and family members, and puts less pressure on clothing choices.

Cosmetic surgery can help improve relationships because patients who have had these procedures say they feel more confident and comfortable in social situations, making them less self-conscious.

People who have had cosmetic plastic surgery were found to feel better about themselves after going through the procedure which consequently boosted their confidence levels as well.

#6 Improves Health And Well-Being

Sure, most cosmetic surgery procedures are done for aesthetic reasons however, they have functional health benefits as well. A nose job or rhinoplasty can help improve breathing, while a breast reduction can eliminate debilitating back pains. A lipo permanently removes fat deposits, while a lift procedure allows to shed off excess skin that can cause skin problems such as inflammation or infections.

The impact of a successful cosmetic surgery procedure can be very profound on one’s overall well-being and quality of life.

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