Deep forehead lines, heavy brows, drooping upper eyelids — these are some of the more common cosmetic concerns that we can remedy with a simple brow lift. If you’re tired of looking older, more tired, sadder, and even angrier than you feel, a brow lift is a perfect technique for brightening and re-energizing your appearance.

The team here at The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery, under the leadership of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, has extensive experience in the area of facial surgeries, including the brow lift.

Here’s a look at how a brow lift can accomplish more than you might think.

Why People Choose A Brow Lift

There are many reasons why people opt for a brow lift, whether as a standalone surgery or in conjunction with another procedure like a facelift or blepharoplasty.

One of the first things a brow lift can accomplish is to erase those ever-deepening forehead lines. If you’re tired of going every 3-4 months for cosmetic injections, we can achieve a more permanent smoothing out of those lines with our brow lift. To do this, we reposition your muscles and tissues and remove excess skin that’s causing your forehead and brow to sag.

Some of our patients choose a brow lift to move their brows into more youthful, alert positions. Whether you were born with naturally heavy or low brows or they’ve sagged with age, we can reframe your eyes for a more youthful, open appearance.

If you have heavy or sagging upper eyelids, you may be contemplating eyelid surgery. This procedure is extremely effective, but you might also want to consider a brow lift, which can often deliver the same eye-opening results.

Lastly, if you’re a man who has a receding hairline or who is balding, your brows and forehead start to garner all of the attention in your face. If you want the world to see that you’re still youthful and vibrant, a brow lift can go a long way in this regard.

See For Yourself

A trick we use with our patients is to ask them to place the heels of their hands on the tops of their foreheads around the hairline and lift. The effect of this simple repositioning may surprise you, and it’s exactly what we accomplish with a brow lift.

Undergoing A Brow Lift

Dr. Nikolov performs your brow lift on an outpatient basis and typically uses a local anesthetic as well as a sedative to make you comfortable. When he’s finished, and we’re sure everything has gone smoothly, you’re free to go home.

Over the days and weeks following your surgery, you should plan on taking it easy and avoiding strenuous activities, as well as exposure to the sun. Rest assured, we provide you with complete aftercare instructions, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have during your recovery.

About three weeks after your brow lift, all traces of the procedure should be gone, leaving the world to wonder why you look so vibrant and refreshed.

If you’d like to explore whether a brow lift may be the answer to your cosmetic goals, contact our office in Beverly Hills, California, to set up a consultation.

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